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After many years of pleasurable travel to the Greek Islands and other predominately European destinations, we decided that it was time that we started to document the places that we visited.

What follows is a very brief overview of our travels, beginning in January 2000 and ending .........................????

Please note that the narrative within these pages is purely an expression of our personal opinion. People's views and tastes differ and therefore their experiences and opinions will vary. We can only speak about
our perceptions of events, places and organisations.

Rangoon - Governors Residence

Rangoon - The Governors Residence Hotel

At the time of the new millennium
, we were in our early 50's and already grandparents. Having both lived and worked outside of the UK and travelled fairly extensively on business, we decided that it was time for us to enjoy parts of the world, particularly South East Asia, and get some "us" time in, before it becomes too late and we reach our dotage!

If nothing else, it will help us to remember what was where - and when!

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