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Fuerteventura - 2000


Our main holiday in 2000 was a return to our favourite Canary Island, Fuerteventura.

Having first visited this island in 1987, we were looking forward to returning - and we weren't let down, apart from the most cramped flight ever on a Monarch charter flight. Neither of us are large people in fact we are both rather short and, at the time, certainly not overweight (this will change as the new millennium progresses!)

Corralejo dunes, from the Tres Islas

Riu Palace Tres Islas

The Riu Palace Tres Islas is a very pleasant hotel, well situated outside of Corralejo town, on the dunes beach. Its sister hotel, the Oliva Beach is located a few hundred meters to the South. The beach and dunes are part of the national park and stretch for several miles - it is certainly one of our favourite beaches.

The rooms and food at the Tres Islas are extremely good. The facilities and location are excellent (for us) although it is remote from the town, necessitating a hire car or taxi journey. Because of its location the beach here tends not to get too crowded and the further you get from the two hotels, the fewer and fewer people you see. As you walk to the right or left of the two main hotels you also may encounter people wearing fewer and fewer items of clothing. This may not suit families with young children or some adults, but there is plenty of beach close to the hotels where this will not be a problem.

Beach to left of Tres islas

Beach to left (North) of Tres Islas

Corralejo beach is of good quality sand and the water is clean. Fuerteventura (hot wind) is known as a wind surfing destination and the surf (which is the Atlantic Ocean after all) can get high. Children should be monitored at all times.

Because of the frequent (and welcome) breeze the strength of the sun can be deceptive. Beware of sunburn and of the sand becoming unbearably hot, when the breeze drops.

There are some excellent beach bars (predominantly to the South of the Oliva Beach) which serve cool drinks, coffee and good lunches at a reasonable cost.

Just writing this makes me wonder why we haven't been back for several years - could it have been the charter flight.........?

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