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Lanzarote - Playa Blanca July 2019


We arrived at Gatwick and headed for the South Terminal for our TUI flight with Norwegian. Check-in and bag drop were very simple and we were quickly heading for the "Flying Horse", cheaper and more convenient than using a lounge (and the all-day brunch is particularly nice). Our flight was a little delayed but, nonetheless, everyting was straightforward. The flight was good and we landed only slightly behind schedule - however we had a longish wait for our bags to be delivered.

We previously stayed at the Timanfaya Palace in June 2018 and we were looking forward to this visit. Fortunately, we had arranged private transfers but we arrived at the hotel, unfortunately, just as the restaurants were closing! We were checked in to our Privilege room in a speedy and friendly fashion, accompanied by a glass of Cava, and were informed that a snack had been arranged in our room.


2019 Lanzarote - Timanfaya Palace - Room 313


Our room was on the 3rd floor of the West wing, only two doors away from the room that we had occupied in June last year. The hotel had provided a snack, as we had arrived after the restaurant had closed. A bottle of Cava and the usual H10 Club and Privilege welcome snacks were more than sufficient to see us through. We spent the latter part of the first evening just unpacking and getting our stuff in order for the following day. We resolved to have breakfast in the Kasbah a-la-carte restaurant, as the English breakfast there is most acceptable.

We were slightly disturbed that pool towels and bath robes, slippers etc had been upplied in the pattern of non-privilege guests. However, we did receive the welcome gifts, that normally indicate Privilege, and there was indeed a Nespresso machine and pods supplied and details of the Privilege service – no problem there then (or so we believed)!

Following an enjoyable breakfast in the Kasbah, the next morning, we headed for the Privilege sun lounger area and were refused admittance from an extremely rude guard who, despite our showing our Privilege I.D., insisted that we return to reception and change our towels for the correct pattern. Hmm – so the hotel messed up and we were expected return to reception, change towels and then show these to the guard – Oh dear! An example of extremely poor customer service. An apology along the lines of, “Oh I’m sorry sir. I will call reception and get some towels brought up for you”. Naturally this led to heated discussion, but Janet, nevertheless, returned to reception and exchanged towels. Training in aspects of customer service may have reduced the bitter taste left in my mouth! Worse was to come.

We went to the Privilege lounge at lunchtime for a light snack – neither of us having a large appetite. Surprise, there were no crisps or snacks supplied any more - just a few cakes, some unrefrigerated and warm cheese, no bread or biscuits and a few nuts. There were, however, plenty of sweets (which we found surprising for an adults-only hotel). We seemed to be far below par for a privilege lounge and certainly way below the standard of service experienced on our last visit to a 4* H10 hotel!

2019 Lanzarote - View to Tres Islas Fuerteventura

2019 Lanzarote - Kasbah English Breakfast

2019 Lanzarote - View to Tres Islas Fuerteventura

On return to our room in the evening we noticed that we had not been re-supplied with coffee pods. Following our earlier problem Jan decided to ask reception, who assured her that some would be provided. After 3 fruitless (or coffee-less) visits, to chase up our request, we tracked down the evening turn-down service to get some and were duly resupplied. This happened several more times during our stay and we gave up asking reception.

In general terms we tended to eat at the Kasbah restaurant for both breakfast and dinner, although we did dine out a few times, as the menu selection in the Kasbah is rather too limited for a two week stay. The staff in the Kasbah were excellent – as indeed were almost all the staff at this hotel.

We enjoyed our days with other guests, we enjoyed our breakfasts, we had a couple of excellent club sandwiches (recommended) and other fare at the Geria pool bar at lunch time (not part of the standard “Privilege” package). The standard of our room and of housekeeping service, however, began to get us down. The wash basin was cracked, the carpet was never hoovered, we frequently received no coffee pods, or indeed toilet paper! I am uncertain of the reasons, but there seemed to be fewer staff than on our previous visit. The grounds were not as tidy. Even bar service, whilst still good, seemed slower, with fewer guests.

2019 Lanzarote - We ate
2019 Lanzarote - We Drank

2019 Lanzarote - We ate (With Friends)

2019 Lanzarote - We Drank!

A couple of days before we were due to return home, we hit the final (for us) problem. A large cockroach undoubtedly, by now, well fed on the crumbs from the not hoovered carpet was spotted and splattered! Too much now for Jan in a 3rd floor bedroom. Hot countries have a problem with cockroaches worldwide. Rooms that are not properly hoovered or cleaned can only add to the problem.

This was, naturally, reported to reception where they undertook to relay our list of woes to management - and to get back to us. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, no contact was ever made by the management – although, apparently, the assistant manager did try to phone our room. Strangely enough, once again apparently, we were not in.

Subsequently, now back in the UK we have been contacted by the assistant manager, by e-mail, and have received an apology. For this we thank him.

In summary, we had a good time at breakfast, evening meal, in the lobby bar and through the day, with other guests. The hotel is well located and the majority of staff are excellent (a particular thank you to Quino, Alfredo, Daniel and staff at the Kasbah who looked after us royally). The staff in the Tahiche (Piano) Bar and La Geria should also be commended.

Thank goodness our private transfer to the airport was on time and our flight, whilst delayed, was perfectly adequate.

Perhaps, an unfortunate combination of circumstances, but the negatives of the room, the total “Privilege” set up, housekeeping and overall poor response to customer issues, mean that we cannot recommend this particular H10 hotel and we will not return.

2019 Lanzarote - La Chalanita
2019 Lanzarote - Chalanita Flambe (Deja Vu - Last Year)

2019 Lanzarote - La Chalanita

2019 Lanzarote - Chalanita Flambe (Deja Vu - Last Year)
Avda. Maritima 73 , Playa Blanca - Tel: 928 517022


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