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Malta - 2000


Malta - a trip down memory lane. Having lived in Malta for two years until 1970, we thought that the 30th anniversary of our return to UK would be the ideal time to re-visit. This was an interesting experience and it will probably not be repeated.

Our old house - only the door colour had changed!

Not knowing what to expect, we looked forward to visiting the island. We lived in St Julians on the Birkirkara road, overlooking Balluta bay from the back of the house. Whilst a new road from Spinola to Birkirkara has been built, very little else had changed, indeed we believe that some of the properties had not even had a coat of paint.

Welcome Store

The Welcome Store - our "local" store

Little had changed since we returned to UK. It would be easy to recognise our friendly local store where the owner's son used to use his "soapbox trolley" to help my wife get the groceries home. The pavements in Malta and the nature of the road, made this a hazardous task with a baby and pushchair.

We had booked a hotel which we knew and which was located in Sliema, very close to where we used to live. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of the hotel (which is probably just as well), only the poor quality of the rooms and food. The guests were predominantly British, many returning year after year. We cannot understand why!
** Update ** Hotel Imperial, Sliema

Sliema, the main town in the area, seemed to have fewer shops - many of them were closed down. It looked extremely run down, as indeed did many of the houses. It was quite a thriving town when we were last there but there was also a largish contingent of both UK and US military, before Dom Mintoff decided that they were not welcome.

Strangely enough, several of the local people mentioned to us that this had been an economic disaster for Malta.

Since the time of our visit (2000) Malta has joined the EU - We do hope that the people are now faring better. The Maltese people are warm, generous and hard working. We wish them well

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