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Spain -2007


Spain in 2007 was an unexpected and hastily arranged trip. Our youngest son and his wife had taken a villa there, some 100m from the location of our first Spanish villa holiday, where he had first learned to swim, about 30 years earlier. Having taken little holiday in 2006, we couldn't resist!

Flights were arranged, through British Airways following our two recent poor experiences with Monarch, from Gatwick to Alicante and, despite misgivings, proved to be perfectly acceptable. We could only manage to take one week, but a break is a break.

Our son met us at Alicante, so there was none of the hassle of car hire and we were soon off on the short trip to Calpe, noticing that the scenery was far better viewed as a passenger.

villa Pool - Calpe
Penon d'Ifach

The Villa pool

Penon d'Ifach from Villa

Calpe really was a trip down memory lane.
Our whole week was spent re-visiting all the places our son remembered as a child, although the restaurant which served the "knickerbocker glories" of his childhood was now an upmarket bar (yes we had to try it!).

It was our son's first trip since the 70s and both of us were surprised at the things he remembered and how he noticed the things that had changed (as we had done on our 2003 visit). We drove around the area, strolled along the beaches around Calpe, lazed by the pool and ate at the more typical restaurants that were once so common, but are now so rare, in the area.

It was a lovely break and it was wonderful to reminisce about the Spain that we used to know, now sadly just part of our memories but these are memories that will be with us forever.

All too soon our week was over and our son drove us back to Alicante for our flight back to UK - we could certainly have stayed with him for longer!

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