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Spain - 2004


Spain in 2004 was a direct result of our enjoyment of a trip the previous year. We decided to visit two sets of friends, meeting up and staying with the couple of old friends who we visited briefly in Orba on our last visit and also meeting up with friends who we last saw in Paros in 2002, who had moved from the UK to Spain and now lived in Velez Rubio, mid way between Alicante and Grenada.

We flew by BA (operated by GB Airways franchise) to Alicante and had a very good flight out. GB Airways had always been good, but the return flight was unexpectedly poor - dirty seats, seat pockets full of rubbish, an indifferent crew and an unpleasant experience. Suffice it to say that this was the last time we used BA / GB Airways on this route!


Velez Blanco - View down to Velez Rubio

Velez Rubio was a new part of Spain for us. In late summer, the weather was hot and the countryside dry. Our friends had bought a single storey building, outside of the village, on the back road to Velez Blanco. Surrounded by farmland and with a backdrop of hills and mountains it was a scenic and different experience.

The local towns of Velez Rubio and Velez Blanco were working towns, with their own special character - Velez Blanco, set at the top of a very large hill, was particularly picturesque, rekindling our interest in a Mediterranean lifestyle. The villages, food, wine and bars soon got into our system - it all seemed a million miles away from the rat race of the UK.

Our days were spent looking round the area with a couple of trips to the coast, eating, drinking and splashing it the cooling pool at our friends house, finishing the day with several glasses of the locally produced red wine - a wonderful, relaxing time.

Pool - Velez Rubio

The pool at the bungalow - Velez Rubio

Next it was off to Orbetta, Orba, to meet up with our friends there, complete with a re-supply of M&S underwear for underprivileged ex-pats! The drive took over 3 hours and although the roads were good we didn't find it particularly scenic and we therefore were pleased to meet up with our friends in Ondara, for a cooling drink, before our drive inland to Orba.

A relaxing few days experiencing village life, once again enjoying the food, wine and company. We never fail to be amazed that even small Spanish towns and villages have cafes / bars that manage to serve delicious local dishes. We only stayed a few days, but it was a great time!

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