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Spain - 2006


A Spanish break in 2006 was arranged for June, before the school holidays. Little did we know that this was to be our last trip of the year - neither of us able to take a break to coincide with the other. Why does work have a habit get in getting in the way of things?

Following good flights with Monarch, the previous year, we decided to book their scheduled flight, this time to Alicante, in order to be able to look up friends in Orba and Velez Rubio, once more. This was an unfortunate error as the flights, both ways, were poor (why so little legroom?) and the food and service on the aircraft abysmal. Never mind, we had a holiday in the sunshine to look forward to!

One small amount of excitement at Gatwick security was when SWMBO's hand luggage was quarantined, following machine scanning. Quietly, security staff held back passengers, isolated SWMBO and asked her if she was carrying anything for anyone else and to open her bag carefully. It transpired that 6 blocks of Colliers Cheddar Cheese showed up on the scanner as being similar to 6 blocks of plastic explosive - Tony and Pauline - that is the final time we bring your favourite cheese!

2006 Coastline south of Moreira

Coastline, South of Moraira

Orba was our first stop, meeting up with our friends, prior to investigating the coastline and countryside. We had a few good meals out with our friends, explored the coastline and the Jalon valley which was very picturesque and generally lazed about. The weather was good, the company good, the food good, but somehow we thought that this part of Spain was far more anglicised than we had known it to be previously. Perhaps we were coming to the same areas too often.

Never mind, there was the cheese delivery to Velez Rubio and some different scenery ahead.

Countryside Almeria

Almeria Countryside

The drive to Velez Rubio took about 3 hours. We had hired a Vauxhall (Opel) Zafira and were surprisingly pleased with its handling and comfort. The drive was good, the roads were fairly clear and then, horror of horrors, we missed our turning leaving Velez Rubio for our friends house (perhaps my sense of direction isn't all that I had believed) and ended up nearing the National Park. Fortunately, we spotted a sign for Velez Blanco, headed there and my memory returned. We were able to navigate to our friends house - giving everyone a laugh as to why we had driven in "from the wrong direction".

Cheese delivered, more mirth - retire to their pool for a good cooling down prior to an evening BBQ and copious local wine - excellent stuff!

From then on we, once more, looked round the Almeria area with visits to the countryside and the coast. A perfectly good break, but one which left us with the same feeling that we had previously, in Orba. We felt Spain was getting more anglicised - or were we viewing it with different eyes?

Nevertheless, a good break.

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