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Thailand - Hua Hin November 2019


It was our 52nd wedding anniversary - we just had to go Thailand! We had booked this trip (3 weeks) at the beginning of December 2018, after such a great time last November and we were just aching to get away from the weather and the politics! Sitting in the Air Canada lounge, waiting for our EVA flight, we could feel ourselves relaxing. A good flight (except for the food, which is definitely going downhill) we landed in Bangkok, more or less on time. The queues for immigration were longer than we have had for some time but we arrived in the baggage hall just as our priority cases wer coming off. A quick stop to pick up a DTAC (local) SIM card and we were off to meet our pre-booked taxi transfer.

The drive to Hua Hin took slightly longer than usual, as there was a lot of traffic and road works. We were, however, soon being welcomed like old friends at the Regency Club reception. Escorted to our usual room we began unpacking before nipping out to Baan Nokkachan for a nightcap. We noticed that the number of tourists in the Cicada market seemed well down on usual but, as it was getting late, we took little notice. Following a "nightcap" (or two) we walked back to the Hyatt and slept like logs in the extra large, king sized, bed.


2019 Talay Thai - Loy Kratong Dancer

2019 Loy Kratong - Fizzy Pop

On our first evening we had booked a table, from UK, at the Hyatt's Talay Thai restaurant for their Loy Kratong bash. We were joined by our friend Chris and had a wonderful evening - good food, loads of bubbles and all our Kratongs managed to float! It was great, catching up with Chris and recent events, being totally spoiled by club and restaurant staff and beginning to form plans for the days ahead.

We had already asked Chris to join us for our anniversary meal on the 18th and he suggested that we meet up before then and offered to take us to the Hua Hin vineyard (now Monsoon) for lunch later in the week. This was obviously shaping up to be an eating and drinking vacation (How unusual) and so we booked a table at Angie's Bistro the following evening to get some practice in! Time progressed - a mixture of sun lounger, drinks in Club, out for dinner, drinks in Nokkachan (or similar), bed and then start over.


52nd Wedding Anniversary - Decorated Bed

52nd Wedding Anniversary - Pre-Dinner Drinks in Club

The first week passed in a blur of restaurants and bars. The lunch at the vineyard was, indeed, special. Unfortunately, the vines were not in leaf, but the views were spectacular, and the food was excellent. We opted for a taster menu of 3 courses with suggested wine accompaniments - a true delight, finishing off with dessert. I'm just glad that I wasn't driving!

We carried on the exercise of practising our eating and drinking, ably assisted by a new friend, Nicole, who was a great help and company in our practice sessions. Unfortunately, we found that our restaurant "La Botte" where we had previously spent many evenings had shut down. Another Italian restaurant had opened up next door but, to our mind, was not as enjoyable and was rather expensive, for what it was. Angie's Bistro and Italian restaurants in town became the norm and we also looked up Sara Jane and Chai, although we never ate there.

Before we knew it, our anniversary arrived. We were thoroughly spoiled in the Club, at breakfast, throughout the day, and for evening drinks. Chris had made reservations for us at the Brasserie de Paris and we made our tipsy way by taxi. Although this restaurant has been on one of the piers for many years, we had never tried it. We had a super evening – the “amuse bouche” starter, the chateaubriand, the dessert and the wine were all first rate - the view was great and Chris’s company was excellent, as usual. An anniversary to remember! (through a fog of alcohol).


Brasserie de Paris - Chateaubriand

Brasserie de Paris - View from table

Our time was taken with a mixture of bars and restaurants - thoroughly enjoyable. We visited Angie's 4 or 5 times, we had a great pasta meal in Treffpunkt (happy birthday Siggi), we re-visited the Brasserie de Paris - this time eating lamb shanks, we ate in the night market (Bird Chilli) - we thoroughly enjoyed our little selves!.

We tried Carlo's restaurant - an old favourite from our Centara days, we tried a Pizza restaurant, we frequently had a nightcap in Baan Nokkachan and, of course we enjoyed the food and drinks in the Club lounge. We looked up Su An, in her bar, and Chris T and Chris R led Pete astray and set him up in Soi 80 - fortunately Janet has spent all these years with him and is a trusting and forgiving soul (sometimes)!

It is fair to say that we had a most enjoyable break, greatly enhanced by all the staff at the Hyatt and by friends and acquaintances, old and new. Thank you all! Next stop Hyatt Regency, Bangkok.


Monsoon Winery - View from terrace

Night Market - Fish

Monsoon Vineyard - Lunch

Bird Chilli - Dinner


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