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Thailand - November 2016


Well - that was fun! A week after returning from our March trip, our world was turned upside down. My health deteriorated rapidly and I was whisked into A&E by paramedics in April and fast-tracked for heart surgery. At the beginning of May, I was shipped off to the specialist hospital in Southampton where I had a valve replacement and a by-pass. Unfortunately, the first valve replacement went wrong and Janet ended up worrying and fretting as I was in surgery for almost 12 hours whilst the problem was sorted (I obviously knew nothing about any of this). We could only think that we needed a holiday to get over it all - Janet certainly did!

Unfortunately, although I was cleared to fly only three months after my operation, I was advised that I should not fly long-haul for 6 months (after 4th November). My travel insurance was not badly impacted and so, on 7th November, we found ourselves winging back to Thailand, courtesy of EVA Air and back to the Hyatt, where we had last stayed in November 2015. Our wedding anniversary is also in November, so two birds with one stone - cost easily justified!

It was always our intention to just relax - and you couldn't have got more relaxed then we were at the Hyatt. We had the same room as on our previous two visits to this hotel, we made the most of the Club facilities and, of course, the sun loungers overlooking the sea. Just what the doctor ordered!

2016-Anniversary Cake

I had felt better!

Cake - Courtesy of Hyatt Hua Hin

Now down to the REAL stuff - The object of this holiday, once again, was just to relax and look up friends. This actually started as soon as we walked into the Club at the Hyatt - we were greeted like old friends. Immediate relaxation, it was as though we had never left.

First mention
must go to the Club staff - friendly, helpful and always professional. The General Manager and Director of Rooms were both new to us. Both, however, went out of their way to welcome us.

It was then into the serious business of relaxing. We slept, we ate, we lazed in the sun, we drank and we looked up old friends and familiar restaurants and places. Our friend Jang had opened up a new Bistro called T-Time. The menu was designed to appeal to both Thai nationals and to Europeans. It was good food, well cooked, attractively presented and keenly priced. Excellent Bistro food, carefully prepared by Jang - thoroughly recommended.

We also ate, several times, at Angie's Bistro, Carlo's Italian Restaurant, Sara Jane's, Siggi's and other familiar restaurants. Janet and I both put on weight!

T-Time Bistro
Angie's Bistro

T-Time Bistro, Hua Hin

Angie's Bistro

Our time was spent, relaxing, eating and drinking. This year, in addition to our anniversary, we were at the Hyatt for Loy Krathong. We decided to stay at the hotel, where a buffet Thai meal preceeded the floating of Krathongs on a small lake adjacent to the Talay Thai restaurant. Neither Janet nor I are fans of buffet food, but this was an excellent (though not inexpensive) meal - one of the best buffets in many a year! To top it all, Janet actually managed to float our Krathong - last year it sank without a trace, immediately following launch!

Our anniversary meal was at Carlo's restaurant, opposite the main entrance to the Centara. This is probably our favourite restaurant in Hua Hin - the food, service and ambience suit us down to the ground and, most importantly, their Prosecco is well balanced and well priced! We ate there more than once and will return on our next trip to Hua Hin.

No visit to Hua Hin would be complete without looking up our old friend Kian. This year we met up at Sara Jane's, The White Lotus (at the Hilton) and at Siggi's. Take note that food seems to feature at all these places - We also tried Go Bang at Soi 88 - but they seem to have closed. We really enjoy Kian's company - and her lovely smile!

Loy Krathong Dancing

Hyatt - Loy Krathong Dance

Hyatt - This year our Krathong Floated!

We spent some quality time with friends. We met up with Bill and Chris, Jang and Kian and several other good aquaintances. We always enjoy Tanida's food at Angie's, and Yu's efforts at Siggi's. We only ate once at Sara Janes and unfortunately Sara Jane and Chai were both in Bangkok, but we will catch up next time around.

We must give a mention to a restaurant called La Botte, just a few hundred yards from the Hyatt. Whilst we have eaten there several times (twice on this visit) and keep returning, we never have given it the praise that it deserves, We love their Beef Carpaccio, their Pizza and other dishes - credit where it is due!

All too soon it was once again time to head towards the West and the cold weather. We were picked up, on time, by Taxi Hua Hin, and whisked through formalities at Suvarnabhumi and into the EVA Lounge before our excellent flight to Heathrow. All over far too soon, but we have already booked our next trip for my Birthday in February, when we will meet up with our friends Rob and Linda who we have not seen since Hua Hin 2014!

Lunch with Kian and a smile
La Botte

Kian - With a Smile

2016 - Beer and Pizza at la Botte

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